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Are you a person who has the zeal of writing interesting contents!  Do you have your favourite niches for writing! Is penning your thoughts into papers is your hobby! Then this is something that makes your personality apart from the rest. And we have some exciting opportunities for you!

Well if you are a finance, banking or investment freak, then Investment Biz Mag must be known to you. This is a platform which has been loved by the students, financial professionals, stockbrokers and any novice who is eager to gain great knowledge in the domain of financial business. And if your writing tastes are falling under the same niches, then congratulations, you can WRITE FOR US.

We are one of the best finance online magazines that provides an enormous number of contents every month and so we have huge numbers of articles available on our website. We are looking for new writers who can write for us. If you got some good ideas and an amazing way of delivering a write-up that stands engaging and smooth to read, then we appreciate your skills. We love to work with those writers who are determined about their writing etiquettes. It doesn’t mean we only want great writer folks to come and join us. Our door is open to all the fellow writers who are the novice in the writing industry. But all you have to have is a quality taste of portraying your voice.

Investment Biz Mag always gets huge traffic in its articles. If you are a person that can drive readers if our portal, which is nothing but your own article, and keeps them up with the perspective of getting the most relevant out of Investment Biz Mag, then you are heartily welcome. We expect your article to be at its best, and we’ll push you to get there. Anything you submit to us then goes a check by our team, and only after the approval we post it. It may so happen, that we would ask you for some editing in your content if required.

Areas for You to Write –

You can write for us on these niches –

  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Business
  • Finance

These are the hottest niches where people daily does huge numbers of searching to get some idea for their better future. Investment Biz Mag is a magazine that drives with originality and excellent knowledge. Our visitors are the ones who come here for being aware of facts and imply it in their real life. Niches like Insurance, investment, business, and finance are oceans itself. We keep the window open for our writers about selecting an amazing topic based on the above.

Giving you an example of such a topic can be –

  • Policies | Updated policies in any insurance sector.
  • “How to” Contents (Can cover about investment, taking up insurance, how to manage business etc.)
  • Financial Advice Contents.
  • “Top 10 | Top 5” Contents (Top ten mutual funds to invest, etc.)
  • Any topic that is trendy in the market etc.

Hence you got a wide range to cover through your writing. We don’t want you to be an expert in the financial industry, but our writing team ensures that whatever content we are getting is 100% original, genuine. It has to have the accurate information and best with its updates. Investment Biz Mag is highly strict with fake news, wrong data, false updates in the contents and we straight away reject it.

What a Writer Should Have to Write For Us –

  • Good level of English language efficiency & grammatically correct.
  • Better engagement in the content with quality wordplay.
  • Excellent vocabulary in English.
  • A good researcher and well inquisitive.
  • Creative with his/her contents, content ideas & content titles.
  • Ability to drive more traffic on his/her content.
  • Technically sound with internet and basic content writing rules.

If you are meeting our expected criteria, then Investment Biz Mag heartily welcomes you to contribute.

Email: investbizmag@gmail.com