Three Best Price Comparison Sites to Save you a Wedge

A comparison site is an easy way to make fast savings as it does the heavy lifting for you. By using comparison sites, you can seek a personalised quote, rather than scouring through comparison tables based on assumptions or individually inserting reams of information into several sites. We handpick our favourite comparison sites based on ease of use, their scope of suppliers and their approach to customers.

It’s handy to remember that when using a comparison website, your key consideration is not solely pricing. When comparing quotes, take a detailed look at the key level of cover on offer and question whether this matches your requirements. For example, if the cover on offer is basic, however, you require comprehensive, you will need to filter the options available and pick the type that suits you. Take into consideration additional add-ons and any extra discounts which contribute to your overall savings. Here’s our shortlist of handpicked sites:

Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert is founded by financial guardian, renowned journalist and proactive campaigner, Martin Lewis, who has become a household name across the UK. Although the website is a price comparison site, the platform is packed with money-saving guides, directing you to the cheapest and best value suppliers, saving you pounds along the way.

The Money Saving Expert website untangles jargon packed T’s & C’s and sheds light on consumer rights, assisting individuals in reclaiming money where it is rightfully, yet unknowingly due. The site lifts the curtain on discrepancies around hidden price hikes and exposes misleading offers, keeping a watchful eye on organisations marketing services directly to the every-day consumer. The well-respected and highly credible site is the go-to portal for latest offers, discounts and freebies, helping you cut your daily spend.

Although the website retains editorial independence, it is operated by Money Supermarket Group which is a comparison site for a variety of financial products, including Car Insurance, Mortgages and Credit Cards. Money Saving Expert is dedicated to helping you make savings by publishing comparison guides to protect your financial wellbeing. For example, the ‘Cheap Energy Club’ is dedicated to informing registered Energy Club members when a cheaper deal is made available, indicating the best time to switch.

Money Supermarket

This is a dedicated comparison site specialising in the comparison of Insurance, Money, Energy, Broadband, Mobile, and Travel. The site works with a large variety of well-known and medium scale brands to partner consumers with the best package, product and price, in comparison to other suppliers. The site allows you to personalise each aspect of your quote and generate a variety of results based on this information. It goes the extra mile by showing you the likelihood of approval, helping you gauge your options.

Compare the Market

Compare the Market is an independent comparison site for Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Energy and Credit Cards. The website is well known for its marketing theme which ties in with the creation of fictional characters, Sergei and Oleg, both meerkats. The site also offers 2 for 1 on cinema tickets and selected meals, an incentive which is highly promoted throughout the brands marketing activity.

Due to the associated fees and kickbacks received by comparison sites, as with any broker, not all competitive suppliers will be included in the filtering process, such as Direct Line. It’s worthwhile searching through more than one comparison site to ensure that you’ve explored the full spectrum of options on offer as this could vary across different platforms. Once you narrow down your possible results, ensure you review these with a fine-tooth comb and confirm the smaller details, for example, policy excess and the number of drivers on a car insurance policy.

Comparison sites cut the hassle of clicking through several sites and re-entering fields full of personal information repetitively. The end game is worthwhile as it can save you a wedge of money and bundles of time by generating an almost instantaneous group of results which are pocket-friendly.

Jon Baird is a director at Scotland Debt Solutions, a personal debt recovery service for Scottish residents in financial distress. SDS offers a variety of debt solutions, assisting you in starting a debt-free future.

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