Target’s REDcard: What You Need to Know (TGT)

When it comes to Loyalty programs, Target red card and Target credit card certainly feature as one of the best, and with good reason. In fact, Target’s red card (TGT) is one of the leading loyalty programs among various retailers, across US. This is why you may want to consider investing in the TGT program as it is certainly turning out to be one of the best options, when it comes to a question of ‘how to invest your money’. After all, you would still have to make your daily purchases at a store near your location and it makes more sense to do so with a Target red card, as it entitles you to various perks and benefits. To know more about the same, do read the rest of the article.

Features of the red card:

The Target red card comes in two variants, the debit card as well as a credit card; with the target red card, as a consumer, you can purchase all products at a Target store with a 5% discount, and it also comes with an additional 30-day return policy for any items that you may have purchased using the card. Of course, this does not extend to phones and other electronics or if the product comes with a non-returnable tag. The red card is linked to your checking account and you can preload the card with any amount and use the same to purchase the items you require. Furthermore, you can use these cards to purchase items online as well at  So, whether you are looking to invest in mutual funds or want to review the best stocks in the market, you may also want to consider enrolling in Target’s red card program.

The Target red card comes with a high APR rate, at 24.65% which is higher than the average variable credit card APR at 17%. This only goes on to showcase the popularity of the Target red card program and the fact that you can also combine the red card with a traditional credit card program can sign up for a Master card Incorporated red card via the Toronto-Dominion bank.  It should be pointed out that Target red card program suffered from a serious data breach in 2013 but ever since then, Target has improved its card to include chip technology. As a result of this update, the red card is a lot more secure and you would now be required to insert your card rather than swiping and signing. The fact that more than 25% of all Target products are purchased with the red card only goes on to show you that consumers aren’t unsatisfied with Target as a result of the data breach.

How does Target benefit?

If you have enrolled yourself in Target’s red card program, then you are bound to ask, “What’s in it for Target?” Well, Target accumulates data on various prospective leads, customers, and enters the same into their algorithms. It uses the same to customize its products, marketing campaigns so that they can be more effective in targeting the required demographics. It should be pointed out that Target’s data collection is extensive; every purchase, or for that matter, even phone calls are tracked in real time and Target uses big data programs to analyze the same so that they can offer their customers a more personalized service.

Another loyalty program: With the current growth in red cards facing a slowdown, Target is currently exploring more effective means of cornering its market by announcing a new loyalty program. The new rewards program is called “Target red” and while its moniker is not exactly original, it still offers customers new perks that they can take advantage of. The good news about this program is that it will not be linked to either of the red cards or to any of your other credit cards. With Target red, shoppers will be eligible to receive a 1% discount against all future purchases and can also get the Target restock charge waived off as well. And if that is not enough to keep you interested, with a Target red card, you are also eligible for a 50% discount on the Shipt membership for the first year; incidentally, Shipt is a grocery service.

The verdict:

Target’s red card program as well as its new Loyalty program is indeed more appealing as more consumers enroll for the same. The fact is that Target offers larger discounts and does more for the community than other companies. Yes, Target collects data from your customer profile but this is done to streamline your shopping experience and help make it better. But it is equally important for you to consider the high interest rates that the red card credit card comes with as well as the late payment fees; however, that being said, Target’s red card program is indeed one of the best investments that you would ever make.


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