Non-Desk Career Jobs to Opt for in 2019

Non-Desk Career Jobs

The digitization of the world has changed the structure of a professional environment. The office spaces have evolved and it has also made work-life different. Nowadays there are people that are running an entire business without a workplace location. When you choose a career it is important that you choose the profession carefully. Make sure that take all aspects of the business into consideration so that you are satisfied with your job and be productive. Technology allows people to stay connected with colleagues without sharing office space.

The term office has changed a lot over time. Office could be any place where you can sit and do your work. You can turn your bedside, living room or your favorite coffee shop into a workplace. You can create a workplace wherever you wish. Remote working places allow people to do the work without sitting behind a desk for none hours every day. The technological advances have made it possible for people to enjoy the benefits of a non-desk profession.

If you are looking for the best non-desk jobs then here are a few choices that are available.


One of the most lucrative options for a successful non-desk career is freelancing. You can freelance your skills and get paid. You need to make sure that you are clear about the skills that you have to offer and you will be able to find perfect projects for you.

The importance of good online presence is increasing. Content marketing is becoming crucial for the success of the business and it is increasing the demand for good and talented freelance writers. Nowadays there are platforms that allow freelance writers to create a profile and apply for content writing jobs. You can work wherever you want and whenever you want. You can take multiple projects if you are looking for some extra income. You can also become a freelance graphic designer or website developer or any other skill that you have to offer.

Editor and reviewer:

Companies are always on the lookout for good editors and reviewers. There is a lot of emphasis on content going viral because high viewership means more business and better profits. Companies want editors and reviewers to make sure that the content they are sharing is great and readable. You can do the job part time or full time.

Affiliated writer:

The digital houses nowadays hire people writers that work for the company but are not required to sit behind a desk. You can secure an agreement that gives you the freedom to work from home or anywhere you want. It allows the writers to increase productivity and save yourself the trouble of travelling and sitting behind a desk.

Blogging or vlogging:

If you are tired of a desk job and feel like you have more to offer to the industry then you can always try blogging or vlogging. Starting a blog or vlog is an easy process and it does not take much effort or money to start it. When you have something that interesting to share you will be able to attract visitors and make good money.

A consultant:

Becoming a consultant is an excellent career choice for people looking at a no-desk profession. The career choice makes sure that you are able to use your knowledge and skill with other people looking to succeed in an industry.

The consultants are hired in almost every industry. You can become a healthcare consultant or an SEO consultant or any other kind of consultant depending on your skills. A lot of companies are looking to outsource consulting services as it is convenient for the company and the employee.

Web designer:

A website is a necessity for all types of businesses. Without a website, the businesses end up missing a lot of business opportunities. The demand for web designers is increasing as people are looking for skilled designers to create a professional and informative website. If you have the skill and knowledge to become a web designer then you can earn good money by offering your services. You can pick up projects that you can manage to complete.

Online course builder:

You do not always have to sit at a desk to teach because you have the choice of becoming an online course builder. There are a lot of courses that are offered online so that people can try to get educated without going to a school or any other institution. You can design courses in a field that is suitable for your educational background. If you are an expert in the automotive industry then you can use your knowledge to create or give Mot training courses.

Event planner:

If you have good experience in event planning then it is a great no-desk profession for you. It is a convenient and well-paying profession. You have the option of choosing the event you plan. You can choose the event that you can plan beautifully. You can team up with an NGO and plan event for them. You can also plan birthdays, weddings, and graduation parties. Event planning allows you to work independently and make the best use of your skills.


People are becoming more and more concerned about the food they eat. The awareness about eating healthy food is increasing. There are a lot of offices that have cafeterias and offices offer food but it is not the healthiest option. Catering businesses have a bright future as they can offer healthy food options to professionals who do not want to eat at the office cafeteria. You do not need to book a location and invest in expensive appliances to run a catering business. You can run a home-based catering business from your home kitchen.

Working outside the office without worrying about the office timing and sitting behind a desk then it is important to explore the no-desk job options. But remember that working outside the office takes a lot of commitment and discipline. Make sure that you are prepared for handling the pressure and challenges that come with no-desk jobs.